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evekare is a manufacturer and supplier of bathroom, toilet and shower aids, also known as assisted living aids or independent living aids that have been carefully designed to match your existing style without any compromise on quality and functionality.


At evekare we are passionate about helping people with mobility issues maintain their independence. We offer a range of stylish and affordable products designed to assist people to go about their daily lives safely and independently.

evekare products are constructed using the highest quality materials and are subjected to comprehensive quality and safety testing. All evekare products are backed by a warranty of up to 15 years.

Naturally, functionality is the key design consideration when it comes to independent living aids. Though here at evekare, we believe that functionality need not compromise style. We’re of the view that independent living aids should complement the style of your bathroom, rather than detract from it. From our variety of grab rail finishes to our collection of toilet, bath and shower aids, our extensive range will help you maintain your independence without compromising your style.

Our range of disability and independent living aids consists of:

  • Bath and Shower Aids: Bath and shower aids allow those with a disability to undertake bathing-related activities confidently without the need for another person being there to assist them. This helps them to maintain their dignity, self-confidence and independence. There are plenty of bath and shower aids to choose from in evekare’s range of independent living products based on a user’s needs. These include, freestanding bath stools, shower stools, bath transfer seats, bath seats and bath support grab rails.
  • Toilet Aids: As the name suggests toilet aids are a category of independent living products that are designed to make toilet-related activities easier and safer for disabled and elderly users. Our range of toilet aids include, Accessible toilet suites, manual bidet sprays, smart bidet toilet seats, elevated toilet seats with & without support arms, and toilet surrounds.
  • Accessible Tapware: Lever operated basin, sink and shower mixers specifically designed for the elderly, disabled and mobility-impaired users. Come in a range of colours, styles and finishes.
  • Grab Rails: The widest range of grab rails that you will find in the market including different lengths, colours, finish, shapes and designs. Some of our grab rail models come fitted with LED night lights, a patent pending technology of evekare.
  • Accessible Shower Screen: Split door, semi-frameless, fitted with toughened glass and reversible door option shower screen that allows for easy access and carer assisted showering.
  • Support Arms: Similar to grab rails in functionality but with a better weight-bearing capacity therefore providing a disabled user better support to get on and off the toilet seat. Evekare currently has 3 support arms in its range of independent living aids. These come in varying lengths and construction material.
  • Wall Track System including Accessories: Horizontal wall tracking systems that can be cut to suit the bathroom’s dimensions or the user’s individual needs. And a range of accessories that can be easily mounted or removed from the wall track system including supports arms, shelves, shower seats, backrest and basin wall bracket.

Importance of Independent Living Aids in the Bathroom and Toileting Area:

Independent Living Aids or Independent Living products provide users with disabilities or those with limited mobility the extra support that they need to undertake daily tasks around the home and in the bathroom independently. This reduces the need for assistance to a large degree, helping them boost their self-confidence and preserve their dignity.

  • Grab Rails: The most important and most widely used independent living aids or assisted living aids that provide users with support during bath-related and toileting-related tasks. Grab rails or grab bars are fixed on the wall in strategic positions to help users with maintaining their balance, to change positions and provide extra support in wet areas of the bathroom where the risk of slip and fall is high.
  • Bath and Shower Seating: Another commonly used category of disability aids or independent living aids, bath and shower seating encompasses a range of seating options that make daily bathing and showering related activities safer for the disabled, elderly and those with limited mobility. Bath and shower seating simply allow a user to sit comfortably while in the shower or bathing area rather than having to stand. This greatly reduces the risk of slip and fall and reduces the need for assistance.
  • Raised Toilet Seats: Raised toilet seats are assisted living aids that simply raise the height of a standard toilet seat thus reducing the distance that a user needs to cover in order to lower themselves and rise up again from a toilet. Raised toilet seats come in different levels of elevation to suit different users. Some models of raised toilet seats come complete with support arms on either side for individuals who need extra support to lower or raise themselves from the toilet seat. Overall, raised toilet seats help disabled and elderly users to maintain their dignity and independence to undertake toilet-related tasks.
  • Toilet Frames or Toilet Surrounds: Another popular disability aid designed for toilet-related activities. Toilet frames also known as over toilet frame or toilet surround, allow users to lower and raise themselves from toilet seats without the need for assistance. Toilet surrounds are built with heavy-duty metal and have two arms therefore provide a user more support as compared to grab bars or grab rails. Again, a great independent living product that helps users to maintain their independence and self-confidence.
  • Bidet Toilet Seats: Bidet toilet seats come with a built-in water nozzle that help users with limited mobility or disability to clean themselves after undertaking toilet-related activities. This reduces the need for assistance and positively impacts the user’s self-confidence and dignity.
  • Bidet Sprayer: Another disability aid that can be used for cleaning purposes after toilet-related activities and help the user to maintain their independence and thus self confidence. A bidet sprayer is a more economical disability aid that can easily be easily fitted in any toilet using a T valve.
  • Toilet Support Arms: Toilet support arms are used if a user requires more support than a grab rail can provide or if there is no suitable location for a grab rail to be installed. Come in multiple lengths and weight-bearing capacity to suit a user’s individual needs. Help to enhance the safety of a user while helping them maintain their independence in the bathroom.