Buying Guide for Toilet Surrounds


Toilet surrounds also known as toilet frames are toilet aids that assist elderly and disabled users to raise and lower themselves from a toilet seat safely and comfortably.

Often used in conjunction with raised toilet seats, toilet surrounds are metal frames that can be height adjustable and come with armrests that can be used to support the bodyweight of a user as and when they get on and off a toilet seat.

Recommended to users who might find it difficult to raise and lower themselves from a standard toilet seat because of pre-existing conditions such as weak leg muscles, knee and joint problems or because they might have recently undergone a surgery.

These frames simply provide sturdiness and support to the user therefore reducing the risk of slips and falls, allowing the user to maintain their independence while undertaking daily hygiene tasks.

Features to consider when purchasing a toilet surround or a toilet frame:


  • Weight tolerance: Each toilet surround comes with a certain amount of weight tolerance. Therefore it is important to check the weight tolerance of a toilet surround and ensure that it can actually take the weight of the user.
  • Height of the user: You can find toilet surrounds that can be fixed-height or height adjustable. If you choose the former option then make sure that you know the height of the user. Better still, the user should try the toilet frame before they buy it.
  • Anti-slip feet: Ensure that the toilet surround has non-slip feet as this can greatly enhance the safety of the user.
  • Presence of padded armrests: Comfort and safety go hand in hand. Make sure that the toilet frame has padded armrests as this can be quite helpful to the user while they maneuver themselves on and off the toilet seat.
  • Adherence to Prescribed Regulatory Standards: As for any bath or toilet aid, it is important that you ensure that the toilet frame that you are investing in actually meets the standards prescribed by the local or federal authorities.


Other toilet aids you can consider when purchasing a toilet surround or a toilet frame:


  • Raised toilet seats: This toilet aid simply increases the height of a standard toilet seat, making it easier for a user to raise and lower themselves on a toilet seat as they have to travel a lesser distance. You can find raised toilet seats with differing elevation levels in order to suit individual user needs, these can range from 2 (50mm) to 6 (150 mm) inches.
  • Bidet toilet seats: Bidet toilet seats are another great addition for less mobile users as they allow users to undertake cleaning after using the toilet by simply pressing a button. You have the option of a manual (non-powered) or a smart (electric) bidet.
  • Accessible toilet suite: If space and budget are not an issue then you could also go for an accessible toilet suite. This toilet suite is specifically built for disabled and elderly users and features a raised toilet bowl, high-visibility and raised flush controls for ease of use.

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