Frequently Asked Questions – Suction Support Bars

Suction support bars are easy to move to any part of the house where it is required. They can attach to most non-porous surfaces.

Suction support bars are for short-term stabilising use only and are not designed to hold or support a user’s full body weight.

The support bar should be checked prior to each use to ensure that the suction is fully engaged.

Suction support bars work best on clean, non-greasy, dry, flat, smooth, non-porous surfaces. Ensure that the pads are not sitting on top of any grout lines in the tiles or gaps in the wall.

Do not use suction support bars on shower screens, mirrors or acrylic bath tubs, as these products are not designed to have a heavy weight applied to them.

Our suction support bars are not recommended for use on plasterboard, wallpaper, timber, wood panelling or other porous surfaces.