Frequently Asked Questions – Toilet Suites

This refers to where the waste exits the bathroom. An S trap delivers the waste through the floor whereas a P trap delivers the waste through the wall.

Yes, an S trap vario bend is included in the box.

No, this can be purchased separately.

This is the measurement that the installing plumber needs to know to correctly install the toilet pan.

The S trap measurement is taken from the wall to the centre of the waste in the floor. The P trap measurement is taken from the floor to the centre of the pan outlet.

Yes, however, other components such as a backrest must also be installed to comply with the standard. We recommend consulting a professional with extensive knowledge of the standards requirements.

No. AS 1428.1 is copyrighted and we cannot provide detailed dimensions, drawings, or excerpts from the standard. We recommend that you purchase the standard or consult a professional.

Yes, the inlet (fill) and outlet (flush) valves are included and pre-installed into the cistern. However, we recommend that they are checked for leaks during installation.

Yes, this would require simply uninstalling the inlet valve and reinstalling it into the hole on the other side of the cistern. Ensure that the plug for the empty hole is also reinstalled. Check for leaks.

Yes. This will require a rear entry inlet valve kit, which is sold separately.

A floor fixing kit is provided in the box, which is to be used in conjunction with a wet area silicone sealant around the base of the pan. However, a mortar bed should be used if the floor is not level.

No, offset pan collars affect the flushing performance and are not recommended or warranted.