Bath & Shower Aids: evekare manufactures and supplies a range of bathroom and shower aids that can help you gain the confidence to carry out daily hygiene tasks independently.

Our range of bath & shower aids include freestanding bath/shower seats and stools, wall mounted shower seats, bath transfer seats, suspended bath seats & bath steps.

For those with mobility impairments, the loss of independence is not just a physical impairment but just as much or perhaps sometimes even more of a psychological barrier, often felt most in the bathroom.

Having to rely on loved ones or a carer to perform basic daily personal hygiene tasks, such as showering or bathing, can have a detrimental effect on one’s self-esteem. To combat such physical barriers as well as facilitate mental well being, the entire evekare range of bath and shower aids have been designed to help users regain their independence, confidence and self-esteem in the bathroom.

  • Bath/Shower Seats and Stools: Allows users to take a bath or a shower while maintaining safety, comfort and mobility. There are multiple options available to suit not only each unique customer and their needs, but also to accommodate the existing design, dimensions and layout of the bathrooms, including fixed height or height adjustable and freestanding or wall-mounted seats/stools.
  • Bath Steps: Aids users to step in and out of a bath step safely and conveniently.
  • Bath Support Grab Rails: An excellent product to provide extra support to elderly or mobility impaired users who have weak leg muscles or knee ailments.
  • Bath Transfer Seats of Boards: These boards not only offer a practical solution by assisting a user to slide across the board to access and get out of the bathtub when they may not necessarily be very confident on their legs but also allows the user to maintain their dignity, independence and privacy.
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