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Deluxe Bathroom Chair with Back Support

Height adjustable bathing chair

Freestanding Bath/Shower Seat

Height adjustable bathing chair

Bath Stool

Rotating height adjustable seat

Bath Seat

Dual function suspended bath seat or bath step

Folding Bath and Shower Chair

Height adjustable bathing chair

Bath Chair

Grade 304 stainless steel frame with backrest

Freestanding Bath/Shower Seat

Height adjustable bathing chair


Bath seating is an independent living aid that can be used within the bathing or showering area by users who do not feel comfortable to bathe whilst in a standing position or by wheelchair users. 

Bath seating is an essential aid for the elderly and seniors who are more prone to slips and falls, especially around the wet areas.

This disability aid provides more stability and control to the user so that they can perform their bathing activity confidently and independently.

evekare’s range of bath seating for the disabled or elderly and mobility-impaired users includes:

  • Height adjustable bath chair built with a heavy-duty aluminium frame. Comes with a non-slip seat and feet and integrated handles.
  • Rotating height adjustable bath stool. Durable polypropylene construction with non-slip seat and feet.
  • Dual function suspended bath seat or bath board that can also be used as a bath step. Built using heavy-duty aluminium, the width of this bath seat can be adjusted to fit most baths.
  • A grade 304 stainless steel frame with a backrest and integrated handles. The bath chair has an adjustable width and a textured non-slip surface.
  • Freestanding, height-adjustable bath seat built with heavy-duty aluminium frame. Powder-coated and comes with a non-slip seat and feet.

When to consider bath seating?

  • If the user feels unstable on their feet and cannot stand for long periods of time. due to an underlying medical condition.
  • If the user has recently suffered a stroke, heart attack, knee or hip replacement surgery.
  • If the user experiences dizziness or shortness of breath.

What to consider when buying Bath Seating?

  • Mobility levels of the user – is the user able to lift their legs over the bathtub or not?
  • The space in which a bath seat will be used – over the bath shower or a full bathtub or corner bath.
  • Height and width of the bath seat – do these need to be adjustable or would freestanding-style bath chairs that have height adjustable legs be more beneficial?
  • Consider investing in bath seating that comes with inbuilt accessories such as soap dish holder or shower head holder
  • The comfort of the user when it comes to seat style; completely flat seat or contoured shape.
  • Height and width of the bathtub walls and floor are important considerations to ensure the bath seat you invest in meets your needs as well as can be easily and securely placed over your bathtub.
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