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Bathtub Step

Non-slip step for safe bathing

Bath Seat

Dual function suspended bath seat or bath step

Bath Step

Dual function bath step or bath seat


Bath steps are bathroom or bath aids that are designed to provide extra height required to go in and out of the bath.

This is particularly helpful for the elderly, disabled and mobility-impaired users, making it easier, safer and more comfortable to step in and out of the bath, giving them that extra assistance that is required.

evekare offers a range of options when it comes to bath steps, this includes:

  • A bath step that is built using durable polypropylene supporting up to 150 kg in weight and comes with a non-slip EVA lining.     
  • A dual-function bath step that comes with reversible handles to turn it into a suspended bath board. Built using an aluminium frame that can be adjusted in terms of width to suit most baths.
  • Another model that can be used outside the bath as a step to go in out of the bathtub or inside the bathtub as a seat. This bathing aid comes complete with non-slip feet and surface for extra safety.

When to consider buying bath steps?

  • When a user is experiencing disability whether temporary or permanent
  • If a user is unable to lift their leg to get in and out of a standard bathtub. 
  • When a user experiences weaker joints or muscles thus making them prone to slips and falls.
  • When a user has experienced a medical episode or has gone through surgery and is in recovery.

What to consider when buying Bath Steps?

  • User Weight – when considering investing in a bath step it is important to keep in mind the ultimate user and their weight capacity. Would one bath step be able to bear the weight? 
  • Single or Multiple bath steps – to better suit the height of the user, would one bath step be suffice for them to access the bathtub with ease or will it be better to stack multiple steps together to customise the user’s transition into the tub 
  • Bath Steps with handles – for users with restricted/limited mobility or those seeking greater independence and privacy, bath steps with handles might be worth considering, lending extra support when using the step or can the bath step be customised to include a grab rail if required?
  • Size, width and style of the bath step consider whether the bath step is of the right configuration to fit easily in the bathroom space or would restrict mobility.
  • Safety of the bath step itself – consider whether the bath step has a non-slip feature or comes are easy enough to carry around as required?


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