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Transfer Seat Adjustable

Height adjustable bathing transfer bench


A bath transfer bench is a bath aid for users with restricted mobility, particularly users who do not have enough strength in their leg muscles to come in and out of the bath whilst standing.

A bath transfer bench is placed in a manner that two legs of the bench are on the outside of the bath while the other two are placed inside.

The disabled user can sit on the transfer bench on the outside, then they can lift their legs either with or without support whilst in a sitting position and slide to enter the bath using the integrated handles. The same manoeuvre can be repeated to get out of the bath.

evekare currently offers a height-adjustable bath transfer bench that is built using an aluminium frame and comes complete with a handle for easy manoeuvrability and suction cups for added safety. The user can also change the position of the backrest based on their individual needs.

When to consider buying a bath transfer bench?

  • When a user needs additional support stepping in and out of the bath
  • When a user is less steady on their feet due to illness or weakened muscles or disability either permanent or temporary
  • When a user is experiencing pregnancy and require additional support for safety and comfort
  • If a user is wheelchair-bound.

What to consider when buying a Bath Transfer Bench?

  • Consider a bath transfer bench with an optimum height that would allow mobility with ease without requiring additional aids to support such as a bath step
  • Ensure the bath transfer bench has high-quality lockable wheels (if present) for stability to firmly secure the bath transfer bench to the surface of the bath.
  • Consider investing in a bath transfer bench equipped with rubber feet either as round, rubber-stopper style feet or suction cup-style feet appropriate to the surface on which this is to be used.
  • Depending on the needs of the user, ascertain whether a swivel or sliding seat would be better.
  • Bath Bench frame and seat material – Depending on the user weight, ascertain the type of bath transfer bench that would be most appropriate in terms of construction material – wood, plastic, aluminium or steel, with steel being the strongest.
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