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Bidet Seat Attachment

Under seat bidet attachment with round profile

Bidet Seat Attachment

Under seat bidet attachment with flat profile

Bidet Toilet Seat

Non-powered, soft close bidet toilet seat

Smart Bidet Toilet Seat

With wireless remote control


Bidet toilet seats are an additional toileting aid that can be fitted to an existing toilet by simply replacing the toilet seat.

Bidets are used for after-toilet cleaning purposes and are commonly used by people with disability, seniors or the elderly.  

evekare’s range of bidet toilet seats consists of two options:

  • A manual or non-powered bidet seat with two cleaning modes: posterior and feminine. The bidet can be operated using a simple dial and easily be installed on most toilets.
  • A smart (electrical) bidet seat with a remote control that features a self-closing heated seat, self-cleaning nozzle, air dryer function and four cleaning modes: posterior, feminine, swing and massage.    

When to consider buying a Bidet Toilet seat?

  • When a user is suffering from incontinence
  • When a user is unable to bend and twist and turn to wipe and clean themselves after using the toilet
  • Users suffering from certain medical conditions like hemorrhoids and constipation

What to consider when buying a Bidet Toilet seat?

  • Automatic V/s Manual: Depends on the budget you have in mind and the preferences of the user. An automatic bidet seat will cost you much more as compared to a manual no-powered model.
  • Presence of an Electrical Connection: If you are going in for a powered model or a smart bidet seat then make sure that there is an electrical connection available near your toilet.
  • Spray Pressure: Whilst this comes down to personal preferences, every type of Bidet Seat is different so do assess the desired strength of the water pressure required.
  • Seat Size: An important factor to consider when investing especially for the elderly or users that may be larger in size as bidet seats will be about 2” shorter than a regular toilet. Elongated toilets would be better suited than round toilets when installing Bidet Seats.
  • Automatic Seats: Again an important factor to bear in mind especially for those with low mobility or sufferers of a physical disability where a motorized seat and lid can provide that extra bit of independence to use the bathroom.
  • User Preferences: For users with mental disabilities or memory issues, having a Bidet Toilet Seat that can recall user preferences, can play a major role in allowing one to access the toilet in privacy and with dignity. All that a user may need to do is simply press a button!
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