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Brass Bidet Spray

With 1.2 m hose

Bidet Spray PVC

With 1.2 m hose

Brass Bidet Spray

Stylish matte black finish

Bidet Spray Kit

With integrated holder

Bidet Spray Hand Piece

Brass construction with chrome finish

Bidet Spray Hand Piece

PVC construction with white finish


A bidet sprayer is a toileting aid that can be used by the disabled and elderly or those with limited mobility to perform personal tasks while maintaining their independence and comfort.

This toileting aid can be installed in any bathroom by simply installing a T adapter with a shut-off valve.

evekare currently offers two types of handheld bidet sprayers:

  • Chrome-plated brass bidet sprayer that comes complete with a 1.2 m silver PVC hose and a wall-mounted holder bracket.
  • White PVC bidet sprayer that comes complete with a 1.2 m white PVC hose and a wall-mounted holder bracket.

When to consider buying Handheld Bidet Sprayers?

  • When a user is suffering from incontinence
  • When a user is unable to bend and twist and turn to wipe and clean themselves after using the toilet
  • Users suffering from certain medical conditions like hemorrhoids and constipation

What to consider when buying Handheld Bidet Sprayers?

  • Consider your budget when choosing a Bidet Spray and determine the room for flexibility with the cost. How far can you stretch yourself for that extra convenience or feature?
  • Bidet Button position is an important factor to note as well especially if this is to be used by those with mobility or disability. Bidet Sprays with a button under the bidet nozzle may be more convenient and easy to access than those located behind the nozzle or vice versa.
  • Durability is another important factor as you don’t want to be chasing warranty claims so ensure the Bidet spray you purchase is one that can resist corrosion and rust despite constant exposure to water
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