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Hinged Grab Rail 600mm

White folding double support rail

Hinged Support Arm 600mm Fixed

Wall mounted folding rail


Support arms are a versatile aid for the disabled or elderly users with numerous applications around the bathroom. Support arms can be placed beside toilets to assist the user on and off the toilet.

Support arms are also commonly placed beside basins to support the user whilst performing daily hygiene tasks. 

evekare support arms come with the following features: 

  • Foldable: Hinged so that they can be folded to the upright position to conserve circulation space within the room when not in use.
  • Wall Mounted: Can be easily wall-mounted using screws.
  • Material: evekare support arms are built using high-quality aluminium or stainless steel and can support up to 150 kg.
  • Sizes: Come in different lengths up to 770 mm to suit your existing bathroom design. 

When to consider installing support arms? 

  • If the user feels dizzy, shortness of breath or has recently undergone a medical surgery e.g. knee replacement or hip replacement.
  • If a user requires more support than what a standard grab rail can offer.
  • If the user’s weight lies in the higher weight range or finds it difficult lifting or lowering themselves on a toilet seat.
  • If a grab rail cannot be installed on the wall next to the toilet or if there is no wall next to the toilet.

Key considerations for purchasing a support arm:

  • Dimensions: Please take a note of the width of the wall on either side of the toilet suite where you plan to attach the support arms. Also, ascertain the length from the wall to the start of the toilet seat. This will help you choose the right length for the support arm.
  • Construction Material: Since the support arms will be screwed into the wall, please ensure that the wall is either made with concrete or has been constructed with gyprock with the use of studs.
  • Weight: Please ascertain the weight of the user and the weight-bearing capacity of the toilet support arms. It is important that the toilet support arm should match the user’s requirements.
  • Safety and Comfort: Ultimately the user has to feel safe and comfortable using the toilet support arm, therefore, it is important that the user tests the toilet support arm and can guide the installer about their fitting preferences.    
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