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Toilet Surround or Safety Rail with Magazine Holder

Freestanding steel toilet surround

Toilet Surround or Safety Rail

Freestanding toilet surround


Toilet surrounds, also known as over toilet frames or over toilet aid are toileting aids that allow users to get on and off the toilet with ease.Toilet Surrounds or over toilet frames come with or without a seat and can be placed around the existing toilet pan. Built using metal, you can find over toilet frames with different weight-bearing capacity.

evekare offers two different types of toilet surrounds:

  • Freestanding steel toilet surround that comes with a magazine holder and soft padded handles to provide extra comfort to the user. Comes in a white and grey finish
  • Toilet surround with padded armrests that come in a white and tan finish.

When to consider buying toilet surrounds?

  • The user has recently experienced surgery or a stroke.
  • The user does not feel confident on their legs and needs extra support to transition into different positions.
  • When a user requires more support to use the toilet as compared to a grab rail.
  • When a grab rail cannot be installed for any reason.

What to consider when buying toilet surrounds?

  • Height adjustable toilet surrounds can be much more beneficial to support a user by increasing safety and reducing the risk of strain or accidents.
  • Consider Toilet surrounds with anti-slip features for added security and stability
  • The weight of the toilet surround frame itself is an important factor to consider as these should be easily portable and lightweight yet sturdy with a strong metal frame
  • The material used to construct the toilet surround determines it’s weight-bearing capacity. Make sure you know your own weight and pick a toilet support arm that can support your weight.

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