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Raised Toilet Seat 120mm

Raised height for comfortable seating position

Raised Toilet Seat 50mm

Raised height provides easier use for those with restricted movement

Raised Rubber Toilet Seat 80mm

Toilet seat raiser

Raised Rubber Toilet Seat 40mm

Toilet seat raiser


Raised toilet seats are an essential toileting aid for the disabled, elderly and users with limited mobility, especially when they have weak leg muscles or knee problems.

A raised toilet seat simply reduces the distance that a user has to move to get on and off the toilet, therefore, making it easier for users to perform toileting tasks independently.

You can find raised toilet seats with different heights (elevation) or build material to suit a user’s requirements.

Here are a few different options that you will find within evekare’s range of raised toilet seats:

  • Raised toilet seat with a height (elevation) of 120 mm that has an adjustable bracket to suit most toilet pans. This raised toilet seat comes complete with a cover and can support up to 150 kg.
  • Raised toilet seat with an elevation of 50 mm that can easily be installed using bottom fixings and can take up to 150 kg.
  • Portable raised toilet seats made out of rubber, padded for user comfort and comes in a blue finish.

When to consider buying a Raised Toilet Seat?

  • When a user is suffering from age-related challenges such as arthritis, overall weak joints and muscles
  • When a user has recently undergone medical procedures leaving them less sturdy and requiring more support such as recovering from a hip surgery
  • When a user is in advanced stages of pregnancy and may require additional support.

What to consider when buying a Raised Toilet Seat?

  • Consider height adjustable toilet seat options for different users thus reducing the need for users to bend more than they have to for accessibility
  • Raised Toilet Seats are available with or without handles so this is another factor to ascertain where extra support and stability is required to get on and off the toilet seat. However, do be mindful to ensure there is enough space between the handles to accommodate the width of the user’s hips.
  • The shape of the toilet bowl is another factor to ensure that the raised toilet seat will actually fit seamlessly.
  • Weight of the use is another factor to consider as different models of raised toilet seats depending on their features such as shape, height adjustability and width, would accommodate different weight capacities.
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