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Hinged Support Arm 625mm Adjustable

Track-mounted folding rail

Shower Seat Adjustable

Track-mounted folding seat

Adjustable Backrest

Track-mounted padded back support

Basin Wall Bracket Adjustable

Track-mounted bracket for wall-hung basins

Horizontal Track 600mm

Wall-mounted track for evekare accessories

Horizontal Track 900mm

Wall-mounted track for evekare accessories

Horizontal Track 1200mm

Wall-mounted track for evekare accessories

Horizontal Track 1500mm

Wall-mounted track for evekare accessories

Horizontal Track 1800mm

Wall-mounted track for evekare accessories

Horizontal Track 2100mm

Wall-mounted track for evekare accessories

Sliding Shelf

Track-mounted shelf with towel holder


A wall-mounted track system provides better mobility to the elderly and mobility-impaired users allowing for easy movement of disability aids across the bathroom. The wall tracking system can be used to easily mount evekare’s bathroom and toilet aids including shower chairs, washbasins, shelves, support arms and more.

Some of the features of evekare’s wall-mounted track system include:

Different Sizes: Our horizontal tracks come in lengths starting from 600 mm up to 2100 mm.

Durable: Built using an aluminium frame with a high strength plastic insert for a better weight-bearing capacity.

Customisable: The track can be cut into different sizes to suit the dimensions of a bathroom or the particular needs of a user.

Wide Range of Accessories: evekare has a wide range of accessories that can be easily mounted and removed off the track including shower seats, support arms, backrest and more.

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